jen (jenfoldsfive) wrote,

selling things!

I'd prefer it if you live in the pittsburgh area or can at least get the items without any sort of shipping involved.

33s- $4 for reg and $5 for color
american steel- jagged thoughts
since by man- we sing the body electric
*blue meanies- pave the world (picture disc)
*new end original- thriller (two white records)
*pedro the lion- winners never quit (gray marble)
hot hot heat- make up the breakdown
*denali- s/t (I think) (white)
*owls- s/t (blue clear)
the lawrence arms- apathy and exhaustion
reggie and the full effect- inside the dust sleeve
blue meanies- full throttle
cave in- jupiter
son ambulance/bright eyes split- oh holy fools

45s- color=$2 each, reg= $1 each
*the bristles (orange)
*fable- give us the night (purple marble)
texas is the reason
bright eyes
scholastic deth
*planes mistaken for stars- spearheading the sin movement (clear)
*pedro the lion- christmas covers (green)
engine down
*cave in- anchor (clear)
the bouncing souls/zero zero split
mr. t experience
the international noise conspiracy- capitalism stole my virginity
avail- (young) pioneers

$20 for 49 other various 12" records including classics from Styx, Beach Boys, Tito Puente, and Bill Cosby.

dvds for sale:
Pimp My Ride season 1 (unopened, believe it or not)
Secret agent club

$1 each
Pirates of the Caribbean- Curse of the Black Pearl
The Mothman Prophecies
Curse of the Jade Scorpion
Garden State
Film Geek
The Illusionist
Me and You and Everyone We Know
ferris bueller's day off
the best of will ferrel vol 1
the best of will ferrel vol 2
south park movie
the ring
the eye (japanese version)
extremes and inbetweens
napoleon dynamite
man on the moon
kung pow
x-men 1.5

xmen III
21 grams
final fantasy: spirits within
vanilla sky
take the money and run

$2 each
husbands and wives
igby goes down
lady in the water
bad news bears
v for vendetta
the producers
west side story
the weather man
final fantasy vii advent children

$3 each
michigan fest 2002
blood brothers: jungle rules live
bottle rocket
the white stripes: under blackpool lights
lightning bolt: the power of salad

$4 each
amc ultimate collection I (24 movies)
amc ultimate collection II (24 movies)
da ali g show
space ghost season 1
space ghost season 2
space ghost season 3

the munsters season 2

nightmare on elm street box set (every movie including 3d glasses)

tiny accordion-$2
taiko drum master (drum and game)-$10 each (I have two sets, if I sell both, Matt Lee will get $10 of those dollars.)
guitar hero world tour with drumset, wireless guitar, and game- $75
gears of war 2 replica lancer- $110
donkey konga (two conga sets) + donkey konga 1 & 2- $10
original trilogy star wars 45 (record) holder- $10
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