jen (jenfoldsfive) wrote,

Challenge: The 365 Variety.

I am behind. There's no two ways about it. I was thinking about busting out the tv series I've completed (I have downed about 15-20 seasons of various shows over the past year) as individual numbers. Oh well, here's an updated anyways.

276. Moulin Rouge
277. In Bruges
278. Watchmen
279. Cookie's Fortune
280. Dr. No
281. The Spy Who Loved Me
282. My Life Without Me
283. Role Models
284. Road House
285. Serenity
286. Live Free or Die Hard
287. Let the Right One In
288. Over Her Dead Body
289. I Love You, Man
290. Dear Zachary
291. Transylvania
292. Adventureland
293. Primer
294. Baby Mama
295. Funny Games
296. Doubt
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